• Certified for fire and burglary protection
  • Prefabricated panels easy to install.
  • Range of certified grades for paper, data and valuables.
  • Variety of locking options including timelock and audit.
  • Vaults can be moved at a later date.
  • Environmental control options.

Data Vaults And Strong Rooms

Officially Euro-tested (EN 1143-1) prefabricated strong rooms have replaced traditional pre-cast bank and data vault structures. We offer a range of prefabricated strong rooms for burglary and data protection (grades II…X), both for new vaults and to strengthen old ones. Prefabricated strong rooms consist of steel panels containing different barrier materials depending on the grade of burglary or fire protection required. The indented edges of the strong room panels are tack-welded or bolted and then sealed in place to ensure the panel seams are well protected.


Strong rooms are delivered to the installation site in panels where they are quickly assembled for immediate use. It is possible to transfer a prefabricated strong room at a later date either to a different location in the same building or to a different building. In addition, the strong room can be expanded and the vault door can be moved, etc. The panels are attached by welding or bolting, enabling installation in locations where welding is not possible. Installation by manufacturer ensures adequately tested burglary and fire protection standards.