• Fully licensed by the Private Security Authority.
  • RECI certified for electrical components of installation.
  • Direct provision of all materials, labour and equipment.
  • Fully insured for public and employee liability.
  • Maintaining accurate records.
  • Ensuring a safe and secure project site.

Fire Detection And Supression

ICS offer complete turn-key projects from the initial design, installation, commissioning, certification to handover to the end user.

ICS has vast experience and competency in the area of design of fire detection and suppression systems.  All our installations are carried out by our trained specialists who are fully conversant with all relevant codes of practice.

Gaseous and water mist fire suppression

Gaseous or clean agent fire suppression systems use chemical agents to extinguish a fire. These systems deploy quickly and cleanly without leaving water, particulate or oily residue on high value or irreplaceable assets.

Water Mist systems use low volume high pressure water particles and extinguish fire by a combination of cooling and inerting effects. These systems have been used for many years for the protection of machinery spaces and are becoming increasingly popular for the protection of high value assets and for areas such as commercial kitchens, production equipment and spray painting booths, where the short clean up time after a discharge results in a much quicker return to operation compared to other commonly used systems.

In Cabinet Systems. These systems utilize a special heat sensitive tubing which ruptures when exposed to heat and delivers the extinguishant, (either Co2 or Novec 1230) directly to the seat of the fire

From the most simple single cylinder system to protect equipment cabinets to large multicylinder systems to protect data rooms, electrical equipment rooms and generator enclosures. We always carry out integrity tests on the risk area to establish whether additional sealing is required prior to the final design of the system and we retest when the installation is complete so that our clients can have absolute confidence in the systems we install.

We can provide systems based on the following extinguishing agents:
• -FM 200 (HFC-227ea)
• -Novec 1230
• -IG55 Argon Nitrogen
• -IG541 Argon (INERGEN)
• -IG100 Nitrogen
• -IG01 Argon
• -Water Mist.
• Carbon Dioxide (Co2)


All of our commissioning work is carried out to all relevant standards. Commissioning certificates issued by ICS always reflect the true condition of the system and any variations from IS3218 will be highlighted. We never compromise regarding commissioning certification.

We also provide staff training on these and all our systems systems and follow-on routine service as required is provided as standard.