Data Shelves
  • Fire protection for data and media.
  • EN1047-1 (fire protection for 120 minutes at 1045 °C)
  • Burglary protection to European Standard EN 1143-1.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000
  • Digital, audit and N.A.T.O. certified lock options.
  • High level burglary protection available.

Burglary proof media fire safes

When investing in fire protection for magnetic data, digital data or paper documents it is essential you get advice from a qualified media protection expert. 

We are always available to help.

Protection class and quality characteristics for fire protection are standardised in European standards EN 1047-1, EN 1047-2 and EN 15659

The requirements of EN 1047-1, EN 1047-2 and EN 15659 include fire endurance tests in the course of which the temperature increase in the interior of the secure storage units is measured. 

Additional fire shock and impact tests are carried out on data cabinets to simulate falling structural components (e.g. of the ceiling) on to the product in the event of fire. The additional impact test made on type B data rooms and data containers is used to determine a specific level of mechanical security. In type A data rooms, mechanical protection is already provided due to their design and construction.